Restaurants and bars re-opened today across the state of Michigan but is it safe to be in close proximity of others?

Hey, I'm all for places reopening so they can continue to make a living, so I want you to know that I'm glad people are able to reopen their business.

I am sure every business is concerned about trying to make sure customers can eat or have a drink safely but as we have seen with other countries who closed down before us and reopened before us, they all had a spike in COVID-19 cases.

I'm sure in a few weeks we will see a spike in cases just because of the large crowds protesting but now close proximity in bars and restaurants may increase the spread of coronavirus.

I'm only saying this because I have been closely watching how other countries began their shut down and how they have re-opened. We can't say we will do this better when our country's track record shows that we did a much worse job and there is proof in the numbers.

I will say I'm proud that the state of Michigan took the time to follow what the scientists were saying instead of politicians. Sure, I don't want anyone to be out of work, lose their job, or someone lose their business, but the pandemic is real and large numbers of people who have not been tested eating and drinking together could make the next round even worse.

I'm not trying to freak people out, I just ask that you take it slow and continue to social distance and wear a mask when around others.

I hope we are on the downside of this pandemic but scientists say it may only be the beginning. As much as we all want things to be normal again, we must all do our best to play it safe.

I wish nothing but the very best for everyone who is reopening their business and the very best for those visiting those businesses.

Stay safe.

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