A local resident in an apartment complex in Oshtemo Township, Michigan, had to go "Game of Thrones" on a home invader with a battle ax.

According to WOOD, 36-year-old Ben Ball used a replica battle ax he purchased to fend off 33-year-old Alex Lavell Rawls who kicked his door down.

Ball said, Rawls used to date his former roommate who moved out to get away from the suspect.

Rawls, thinking the former girlfriend was in the apartment repeatedly knocked on the door and when no one answered he kicked the door down. Ball quickly grabbed the ax and went all "Game of Thrones" on Rawls.

Ball nailed Rawls in the torso then the two began a bloody hand to hand battle that ripped the apartment to pieces while covering it in blood.

Rawls then made a run for it but a neighbor had called the Five-O who arrived with a K-9 that the office put on the blood trail which led police to capturing Rawls.

The suspect spent a night in the hospital from substantial wounds and then was moved to a Kalamazoo county jail.

If Rawls gets convicted, he's looking at up to 20 years in the pen.

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