Kiss and their "End Of The Road" tour is in Grand Rapids Saturday Night.   Remember the last time they said it was the end with "The Farewell Tour" in Grand Rapids back in 2000?

May 7th of 2000, Kiss and their original lineup played at Van Andel Arena.   Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter put on another memorable Kiss show.    The show was the only time I have had the chance to see the band live.

The Grand Rapids show was on the same day my brother graduated from college. I bailed on his ceremony to see this show.  I was lucky enough to land great seats to the show by getting them with a pre-sale password.

I can't remember if the seats were front row or second row.   It didn't matter  I ended up moving because some idiot got into a fight and threw beer on his girlfriend.  I saw most of the Kiss set standing by the soundboard.

Opening for this tour was Skid Row and Ted Nugent.    Didn't get to the venue in time to see Skid Row but was there for Ted's entire set.    It was a typical Ted set and show.

The setlist for Kiss in 2000 was very similar to what they usually would do live through out their career.  The only newer song this time was "Psycho Circus".   This setlist looks to be very similar to what they are doing on the current tour with a few non makeup era songs in for the final tour.

Favorite part of the show was the two Ace songs, "Shock Me" and "2,000 Man" and his guitar solo.   I also enjoyed Gene's bass solo feature.

I am too young to have seen the band in their prime but was glad I got to see the original lineup when I did.  We will see how they do when I see them in Grand Rapids, Saturday Night.

Remember the Farewell tour and this show in Grand Rapids?   Will you see the band on their current tour?




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