Detroit Red Wings and former Griffins coach Jeff Blashill is not a fan of the latest fan trend at Little Caesar's Arena.

Red Wing fans have taken to letting out an audible 'WOO!' following goals, and Blashill not only doesn't like it, he hates it!

To get a feel for the WOO!, which is modeled after Wrestler Ric Flair, here's some video of what it sounds like.

The “woo” — which is as simple as it sounds — has become something of a staple at Red Wings games this season. It’s hard to say how many people participate in the wave-like woo chant that seems to follow a call-response format around LCA, or even when it really started. One person who DM’d me said he remembered hearing it at Little Caesars Arena’s inaugural night. I can’t verify that, but I can certainly say that I first noticed it this season, on WWE Night at the end of October — which makes sense, given the Ric Flair tie-in. And it’s kept up all season long. Amid all the Red Wings’ losing, the woo has been undeterred. Sunday’s trouncing at the hands of Los Angeles was one of the most noticeable nights for it yet. It has taken on a life of its own.

As you can read from the previous tweet, most fans don't like the woo, and Coach Blashill hates it, but for a different reason entirely.

“I would have to be deaf not to hear it,” Jeff Blashill said. “My college roommate was a big Ric Flair fan, so it reminds me of him and his ugly face. So, no, I don’t like it.”

Somewhere, Jeff's ex-roommate's ear are bleeding. Ugly face? That seems a bit harsh.

How about a detente? You start winning and we'll stop wooing.


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