Aside from the pandemic, this has been one of the best summers for weather that I have seen perhaps in my lifetime.

I have never seen such consistent sunshine in West Michigan but has been a beautiful summer and we have another hot weekend up ahead.

The coronavirus has definitely kept most from vacationing in far away places for safety reason plus there are plenty of great places to enjoy the sunshine right here in the region so why leave anyway.

According to WOOD, temperatures this summer have averaged nearly 3 degrees higher than normal and 78% of the summer so far has been nothing but sunshine. I sure don't miss the rain filled spring and summer we had last year and I will take 15% more sunshine than normal anytime.

If you haven't taken that family vacation yet, there are plenty of places to camp in the area, lots of national forest land to hike and bike on. Not to mention the countless beaches we have to choose from all along Lake Michigan.

One thing nice about Lake Michigan is there is so much beach to choose from you can still enjoy it while social distancing from others. So far I have always been able to find a little cuby hole to swim and not be near anyone.

Coming up this Sunday and Monday it is gonna be a hot one as the humidity levels will rise and the heat index will be hitting the top of the meter for sure.  After these couple hot days this is when the slow cooling of the summer will begin slightly through August then even fast in September.

It won't be long before we start talking about the first frost so my suggestion is, if you can get out safely and enjoy this sunshine and heat, do so before we have to start raking leaves and even worse, break out a snow shovel.

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