I have been glassing a lot of turkeys my neck of the woods in preparation for the Michigan 2021 turkey hunting season.

I am really lucky to have a very big picture window that overlooks my cut cornfield. It allows me each morning and evening (when I don't work to late) to observe the turkeys and their movements around my blind that I will be setting up next weekend.

There have been some really big birds that I have been seeing regularly but not on my land until this Saturday.

Something I have learned from watching turkeys for many years, is they tend to shift where they hang out every 7 to 10 days or so. I think it is so predators can't get their daily patterns down but I will see birds during that time frame and then they will move and eventually work their way back to that area.

This past Saturday before I went to get my COVID-19 vaccination, I finally spotted a really nice Tom tailing a hen and both were heading over to the other property I mentioned earlier, but they had roosted on the other part of my property which is a good thing.

When I got back from getting my vaccination, I went out and dug up over 100 tires on my property and stacked them for removal. When I got done I heard a few gobbles and thought, maybe I'll get my call out and see what happens.

I hadn't seen the birds yet but I knew they were out there so I hit my call and the woods just lit up with gobbles. These were not a bunch of Jake gobbles, these were some big birds. So I go into my house and grab my binoculars that just stay on my kitchen table. I pulled up a chair and took a look out in the field and the four really nice birds I had been seen a couple properties away were out back. I usually see these birds while driving so I don't get to really study them, but because they were now on my land and there was another hour and a half of light left, I was able to glass these birds until they flew up to roost.

If it were season and I was in my blind, three of those birds were in shooting distance. Well it's not season but I did get watch them and hone in on the birds I would like for my buddy Rob and I to get. Plus, my neighbor Tyler will be over the following week and I hope to call one in for him too.

Turkey hunting is one of the most fun hunting sports I have ever been a part of.  I love the interaction with the birds using the calls and one thing is for sure, every turkey hunt is different.

It was nice to see some shooter birds this weekend out back and hopefully in 12 days the fab four Toms make a stop by my decoys. My buddy Rob and I have a few surprises for them.

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