An Irishman visiting Michigan recently professed his love of our Pleasant Peninsulas, including a change of life moment.

After my last experience with the Irish, tasting classic Michigan potato chips, I was eager to hear from one who had actually landed on our fair shores and ventured forth among the Mitten State denizens. And now one has, and he LOVED it!

In a recent posting to the Michigan subreddit at, entitled "Just One Irishman's View Of Michigan", the visitor who goes by the screen name Grand-Main4593 not only enjoyed his stay, but he admitted that one food here was life changing for him:

Hello. As the title says I’m Irish and I’ve visited Michigan a few times now to see my girlfriend who lives here. Some observations about your great state:

  1. Thank you for ranch dressing. It’s changed my life.

  2. You guys really love stickers.

  3. You guys really love pizza.

  4. I’ve travelled a good bit around the States and have to say Michiganders are by far my favorite.

  5. You guys have great beer, coming from an Irish person this is a huge compliment.

  6. Ohio sucks.

Anyway. I could go on. But there ya go. Great state.

I will say this much about our new found Irish friend, hating Ohio is one way to our hearts but loving ranch dressing that much is a little strange.

Later, in the comments, Grand-Main4593 added to his list:

7. That thing you all do with your hand when you’re showing where you’re from. Love it 😂👌🏻
8. Your roads scare me.
9. Coney Dogs 😍

Our roads scare me, too, buddy particularly during pot hole season.

Michiganders on the subreddit enjoyed this post as much as I did, passing along their approval, and interacting with the Irishman about his joy of all things Michigan, with most inviting him to their particular part of the state.

thekoguma invited him to the UP for an expanded view of both Michigans:

Man, oh man… would we have fun with you in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. You wouldn’t be paying for any of your beers and they make a pasty there that’s great.

MrValdemer invited him out to West Michigan, with a mild warning:

You're more than welcome for ranch dressing. On behalf of, well, EVERYONE, thank you for Guinness.

*just a note, the west side of the state gets a little...weird in spots.

lsp1018 wants him to come party in Kazoo, weird or not:

Come to Kalamazoo, we're weird but in a good way! Also if you like beer, you'll love the Beer Exchange, Bell's, One Well, etc. So glad you've had such great experiences in our state! Safe travels!

And Spirited_Question countered his road argument with an observation of their own:

Lifelong Michigander here who's been to Ireland: your country roads are way scarier! Driving at night on those super narrow roads while being walled in had me thinking I was going to die every time a car passed in the opposite direction.

It's always fun to see an outside view of some of the things we may take for granted. I love living here, and have a great deal of gratitude for ranch dressing and bad roads.

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