It wasn't just rain and flooding that Michigan experienced last weekend, but four tornadoes are confirmed to have touched down in the mitten state.

On Saturday, I attempted to finish planting my flowers, bushes and trees. Early on in Newaygo County, the rain wasn't bad and at times it was just a mist or stopped altogether.

After a quick run to the store, I managed to get seven plants put in the new flower bed then it started raining and I got soaked before I finish that seventh plant.

I took a break inside then it started pouring buckets of rain. After eating lunch the rain stopped so I went out to get one more plant in the ground and before I could finish the rain returned and since I was soaked I went ahead and finished.

This time the rain was so bad, there was no reason to be outside so I chilled on the couch. Nothing like the rainy air to knock me out. I managed to sleep through an entire storm. I woke up hours later to find out four tornadoes had touched down in Michigan and one not to far from me.

The closest tornado to me was the one that touched down in Mecosta. According to MLive, that twister was an EF-1 and hit around 3:33 p.m. that was said to be 100 feet wide traveling 90 mph and went about three miles. I slept through the whole thing but the good news is there were no injuries or deaths as a result of the twister.

A few power lines went down and one barn was destroyed.

Ionia had two tornadoes with the first hitting around 4:30. The second twister hit around 4:40.

These two tornadoes did a bit more damage than the one that happened in Mecosta. These two in Ionia damaged multiple homes, ripped off the top of a silo and several other barns and power lines were down.

The real big tornado was the one that hit Port Austin in Huron County at around 5:50 p.m.. This twister was going 120 mph, it was 400 yards wide and had its way for about seven miles.

Six people did get injured in this twister that uprooted and snapped trees. Several barns and outbuilding had received damage. Six homes were hit really hard with 3 roofs being torn off.

The Port Austin twister did some serious damage in 10 or 11 minutes.

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