A West Michigan mother taking her child to play at a local playground Saturday, June 8 was shocked and disgusted when they arrived to find a racial slur spray painted on the side of a slide.

Tyler Smith took to Facebook and posted a photo of the slide at Walker Community Park. Someone had taken spray paint and written the "N-word".

She said that while she and her child stayed for approximately five minutes before she felt too disgusted and had to leave, many other black families "left and felt scared and uncomfortable."

Tyler was soon inundated with comments from other community members voicing their disgust, and several others who offered to help remove the graffiti. Eventually it was removed by a few individuals. As of Sunday afternoon, the last remaining specks of paint had been scrubbed away.

Walker Mayor Gary Carey told FOX-17 that the city is taking this incident "very seriously", and that graffiti like this is "not representative of this city."

Walker Police are investigating and that ask anyone with information call Walker PD at (616) 453-5441 or contact Silent Observer.

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