West Michigan is a melting pot of people from different cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles. We have great events throughout the year to celebrate this with events such as the Festival of The Arts, Grand Rapids Pride, and Grand Rapids Greek Festival.

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Since moving to Grand Rapids in 2007, the biggest event I look forward to is Pulaski Days.

What Is Pulaski Days?

If you're not Polish or have never heard of Pulaski Days before you might wonder what is it celebrating. Pulaski Days was founded in 1973 by Ed Czyzyk and Walter Ulanch as a way to support the local social clubs by sharing Polish culture with the entire Grand Rapids community.  The annual event has now grown into a week-long celebration to be shared with friends, family, and strangers alike.

Who Is General Pulaski?

​​General Casimir Pulaski was an American Revolutionary War Hero, who, as a Polish immigrant, was born into a noble family and sacrificed his life for the cause of liberty in America. General Pulaski was the father of the US Cavalry, a General second to none, and a man known throughout Europe for his bravery and perseverance in defending freedom.

Grand Rapids 50th Pulaski Days Celebration Runs October 1st - 9th

Things kick off on Saturday, October 1st with the 50th Pulaski Days Celebration.

On Wednesday, October 5th there is a Kielbasa Eating Contest

Another fun event is the Pierogi Eating Contest.

Credit: Diamond Hall - St. Isidore's Benevolent Aid Society via Facebook
Credit: Diamond Hall - St. Isidore's Benevolent Aid Society via Facebook

Where Can I Go To Celebrate Pulaski Days?

  • American Legion Post 459 (658 Michigan Ave NE)
  • Knights of Columbus (1104 Muskegon NW)
  • Polish Falcons (957 W Fulton)
  • Polish National Aid Society – Jackson Street Hall (921 Jackson St NW)
  • Sacred Heart Benevolent Society Eastern Avenue Hall (506 Eastern Ave NE)
  • Sacred Heart Club – Kosciuszko Hall (935 Park St SW)
  • Saint Adalberts Aid Society – 5th Street Hall (701 5th Street NW)
  • Saint Casimir’s – 6th Street Hall (649 6th St NW)
  • Saint Isidores Aid Society – Diamond Hall, home of the Pulaski Days Monument and Pulaski Square (435 Diamond NE)
  • Saint Ladislaus Aid Society “Laddies Hall” (58 Lane Ave SW)
  • Saint Stanislaus – Little Hall (823 Michigan Ave NE)
  • Saints Peter & Paul Aid Society – Saint Georges (1513 Quarry NW)
  • Sons & Daughters Club (1057 Hamilton NW)
  • Vytautas Aid Society (1300 Hamilton Ave NW)

Get the latest details on Pulaski Days by clicking here.

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