A class in Marshall, Michigan at VFW Post #4073, has protesters claiming the timing of the event due to all the recent shootings, was a bad idea.

The owner of Walden Arms in Battle Creek, Chris Walden, teaches a class on how to build the military-style assault weapons used in several mass shooting in America. Walden sells the gun parts to the students and teaches them how to assemble nearly 200 parts. The guns are registered with serial numbers and only sold to those who legally can own them.

The event was planned months ago and the VFW post commander, Bill Thick Jr., told WOOD-TV8, "It's definitely a good weapon. I wish a few irresponsible people, people with bad intent, weren't using them, misusing them".

Gun advocates save big money by purchasing higher end guns at half the price by assembling them in a class. The event organizers plan to make this an annual event.


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