If your home is heated by propane, get ready to dig a little deeper into your wallet because costs are on the rise.

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Feeding the Pig

Horizontal shot of a backyard propane tank.
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As a homeowner, no one likes feeding the pig (propane tanks are often referred to as "The Pig"). Paying for filling up my propane tank is one of the worst bills I get each year. I never know when the propane company is going to fill the tank or what the cost may be until the bill is hanging on my doorknob.

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I will say I did get a letter from my propane service that did say the price would be higher this year. So I will be hoping for a warmer fall this year so I can keep the heater off as long as I can.

Propane Costs Are Up

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When a company's cost goes up, so does the service they provide to its customers. Propane has gone up substantially which means you will pay more this winter season.

Man checking manometer in natural gas factory

WOOD reported that Brad Morrill chief customer experience officer and VP for Crystal Flash said, "It's up about 35%, propane is. And to put that into perspective gasoline is up over 50%. Diesel is up over 70%. Natural gas is over 100% up."

Ways to Keep Your Propane Cost Down

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I'm not saying put a coat on in your house but dressing warmer and keeping the heat down is a way to save a few bucks. I wear sweats and use blankets and keep the thermostat down until I know guests are coming over.

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I have an electric space heater that does a great job in October and November. My electric bill goes up a little but that is way better than feeding the pig. I also use the space heater in March and April if I can get away with it and we have warmer temperatures than normal.

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