A couple months ago, when we announced the Free Beer and Hot Wings Live Show at the Intersection, and the Wayland Hometown Holiday Extravaganza, we had an idea: How about we have a contest to get a new local band up on stage for the show?

It turned out to be pretty cool, as dozens of bands sent in their videos, and we received many, many, many thousands of votes on them.

Today, after FBHW had some fun with the bands' videos (Part 1) (Part 2), and the Wayland guys chimed in with their choice, we downloaded all the votes, and started doing the math. Guys, math is hard.

But we have finally found the band the has gotten the most response, and we're excited to announce that the winner is Product of Society!

Congratulations to the band, and to all the bands that submitted, there were so many votes, so many great bands, so much fun had with this! We really want to do more stuff like this, so thanks to you guys for helping out selecting the last band for the Wayland show!

Now, we look forward to seeing you all at the show! It's going to be fantastic!

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