I just had my 2 week checkup since undergoing my first tattoo removal treatment at The Bengtson Center and things are looking good!

If you don't know the backstory, well, there's not really too much to it... Like plenty of people, when I was 18 I had the most original of tattoos inked into my arm: a Chinese symbol... Ugh. Man oh man, I cannot believe something that literally everybody else was having done would turn out to be something I'd regret.

You can now imagine how elated I was when The Bengtson Center was looking for a super buff, handsome radio guy with trash tattoos to try out the brand new tech that they're now using for removal. Because I knew that there aren't any at the station, they would have to settle for me!

Anyway, here's video of my first treatment. I head back in another two weeks for a check-up and will show you what the progress looks like then.

Oh yeah, if this is something that you've been thinking about getting done, give them a call. The info is on their site: www.BengtsonCenter.com