A Priest who held a teen captive in a church closet will be doing some time for his crime.

According to WOOD, a priest by the name of Brian Stanley was sentenced in an Allegan, Michigan, courtroom Monday morning for locking a teen in a church janitors closet. Stanley only received 60 days in jail, five years probation and has to register as a sex offender for 15 years.

57-year-old Brian Stanley of Coloma, Michigan, plead guilty of the crime back in November. He was charged with a felony count of attempted false imprisonment. He received another count of unlawful imprisonment but that got tossed out because of the terms made in the plea agreement.

The incident in question happened at St. Margaret's Church in Ostsego back in 2013. Stanley bound a teen boy by using plastic wrap and masking take. He then covered the boys eyes and mouth using tape. He then left the boy in the closet for over an hour as an act of of punishment before finally letting the boy free.

Michigan's Attorney Generals Office said this case was sexually motivated and part of a larger investigation into abuse by Catholic priests statewide.

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