New signs are in place that state smoking is banned at Presque Isle park in Marquette. Posting of these signs on social media has drawn quite a rambunctious debate to the point you might question if Yooper Nice still exists.

The Marquette City Commission first voted in July of 2020 to approve language banning smoking at the well-known park jutting into Lake Superior and home to the iconic Black Rocks.

Images of the signs, one reads, "Presque Isle is a smoke-free park, thank you for your cooperation." were posted on the Pure UP Facebook group and has led to voices from both sides of the issue speaking out.

On the pro-ban side, the arguments were for health reasons (secondhand smoke is gross and harmful), cleanliness (cigarette butts on the ground) and preventing fires to the forestland in the park.

The anti-ban side rebutted that litter in the park is more than just cigarette butts and an infringement of freedom of the smokers who wish to enjoy the park.

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The vitriol of the debate may make you call into question the concept of Yooper Nice.

No matter which side of the argument you fall on, do make sure your praise or pitchforks are angled the right way. Several commenters asked why a state park would make these rules. Quick civics lessons, friends, Presque Isle is a city park. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has nothing to do with it.

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