For two nights in a row, strong storms have come through West Michigan knocking out power for almost 70,000 people, down trees and caused damage to some homes. Get ready for night number three because more storms are on the way.

According to FOX 17, more storms like we have seen the past couple days are going to roll through the area late Tuesday night.

The storms will be moving in from the west from a cold front that will bring a line of storms that may be severe at times. The storms should roll through starting sometime between 9 and 10 p.m. and will last through the night and into Wednesday morning. Heavy downpours could cause flooding for some area residents while gusty winds could pose the biggest threat.

With these types of storms passing through producing heavy winds, you can expect widespread power outages, down trees and possible damage to homes. Storms are expected to lighten up by daybreak.

To help be safe, make sure your weather radio is charged as well as your cell phones being charged in case you need to look something up in case of an emergency.

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