With new surges of COVID-19 popping up all across the country and maxing out many hospitals, the personal protection equipment is starting to run low again.

When states began reopening and crowds began to gather, the coronavirus numbers began to climb in states like Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. Michigan numbers have began to rise also but not at the level of the states just mentioned.

The PPE shortage is reminiscent of when the virus first took hold in New York, Washington state and right here in Michigan.

When Michigan began the shutdown, PPEs were limited in the state. Then, smaller companies began making PPEs to help out with the shortage. Then as the shut down remained in place, over time, the numbers of cases began to fall as more PPEs became available.

With the rise in cases in other states there has become a massive shortage of N95 masks, other types of masks, gowns and shoe covers.

According to WOOD, the national nursing union has concerns regarding the reuse of PPEs but may be necessary until the government figures out a way to distribute gear to the states in the most need.

Most Michigan hospitals are in pretty good shape but that could change in a few weeks following the 4th of July weekend where many people grouped together all across the state.

States really have to act now in order to make sure they have the PPE stockpiled in case of another outbreak which as we've seen, can happen often and quickly.

The United States Government has been very slow to react in anyway regarding PPE distribution to states in need. The sad part is, the government has the equipment but its stock piling it and keeping it in warehouses rather than distribute what is needed to the states who are in the most trouble.

Hopefully the government will step up its game seeing how several states only have about a 30-day supply and then there is going to be a real problem.

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