I'm always looking for things for my son to do while at home and I think I found something your kids can do too.

According to WOOD, the Kent County Road Commission and Kentwood Public Works Department are having a contest for kids to make their annual Work Zone Safety Poster.

My son is six and he loves to draw and color so I thought this contest would be a great project for him to work on. Those who have kids are trying to keep them safe but at the same time, stop them for saying I'm bored.

Our construction workers are still out there and they need to be kept safe and this contest may help instill in young kids that its important to drive safe in work zones for future generations.

If your kids would like to take part in the Work Zone Safety Poster contest, WOOD provided the list of criteria that the KCRC are looking for. Students have a choice of 1 of three categories to focus on for safety:

  1. Slow Down, Move Over. When there is construction the law is for the driver to move over to the other lane since the workers are working in the other lane. If a driver cannot move over then slowing in down is the other option.
  2. Stay Focused/Avoid Distractions. This sign to encourage people not to text and drive, eating or reaching for things that take your attention away from the wheel. The purpose is to stay focused on driving until you park the car.
  3. Obey Flaggers and Work Zone Signs. When there is only one lane for traffic both ways, or construction vehicles are backing up, traffic lights be temporarily out, there are people there directing traffic. Its important to do what they say for their safety as well as yours.

The only other rule to the contest is to draw the poster inside a diamond shape just like a real road sign. If you would like to make it easy, then just click on this link for a template to get you started.

There are to ways to enter your poster into the contest. Use social media to post the poster and tag Kent County Road Commission or scan the poster or take a picture and email to mlamoreaus@kentcountyroads.net.

The final day to enter is April 24, so you better find that extra poster board in the garage or basement, break out the markers and crayons and get started.


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