Deer can be a problem in some neighborhoods when populations are allowed to run wild, that may be changing for some Muskegon, Michigan, neighborhoods.

According to WZZM, after studying deer in the Bluffton and Beachwood neighborhoods of Muskegon, the city is now considering a cull to reduce the population.

Ann Arbor and Grand Haven have both hired professionals to reduce the number of deer and now its a tactic Muskegon is looking at.

70% of the homeowners in the neighborhoods of concern regarding the deer population are in favor of the cull.

The deer population has grown to the point that people are having a hard time keeping the animals from eating their landscaping.

The city has encouraged people to use non lethal option to try and control the deer but the population is so our of hand that a more lethal option may be the only way to control the numbers.

It looks like the deer cull could cost anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000 to remove the number of deer to get the population under control.

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