The true sign of summer is when the pools and splash pads open up in Grand Rapids.

This weekend will be the first weekend of real summer type heat and the following Friday is when kids and adults will be able to cool off City of Grand Rapids owned splash pads and pools.

According to FOX 17, Pools will be open from June 11 to August 21 and splash pads will be open June 11 to September 12.

These pools and splash pads opening in Grand Rapids will bring some relief to families when the heat of the summer kicks in. Plus this also shows that things are beginning to get back to normal especially after being closed all last year for safety reasons due to the pandemic.

Another piece of good news is, going to city pools are very affordable. Grand Rapids resident adult admission is only $3 for those 18 and above and only $1 for those 17 or younger. Nonresident adults is $5 and $3 for those nonresident kids that are 17 and under.

You can also purchase cards that cover several visits to the area pools. The city of Grand Rapids offers a 10-punch card for $8 and a 20-punch card for $15 and both save you a few bucks especially if you visit area pools often.

The city also has continued savings for families who purchase season passes. Resident families that have up to six people can get a season pass for $80. Nonresident families can get a season pass for $90.

If you have smaller kids who love the splash pads, those are free for everyone to use.

There will be some new pool policies in place because we are still in a pandemic so there will be less people allowed at pools to allow for social distancing. Plus pools will close for one hour between each three hour swim session so local crews can keep the facilities can be sanitized for safety.

The city is allowing unvaccinated people to be able to come to the pools but they have to wear a mask while inside locker rooms and must social distance at a near the pool. They don't have to wear a mask while in the pool.

So if you are looking to cool off this summer and a city of Grand Rapids pool, the fun begins all across the city on Friday, June 11.

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