The men and women in blue in one Michigan city have negotiated a new contract to boost officers' salaries by $10,000.

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Some Jobs Should Just Pay More


In a time where you hear things like defunding the police, cutting jobs, inflation, and budget cuts, it is concerning when some careers that communities need are affected by this.

Teacher asking her students a question at the elementary school

Police, firemen, first responders, and school teachers are the four basic things all communities need and rely on yet these can be some of the lowest-paying jobs and that is just wrong.

We are always going to need police, firemen, and first responders and these are the people who put their lives on the line each day for the rest of us and should be paid higher wages for their risk in order for communities to get the best of the best to hold those positions. I don't think there is one individual citizen who would disagree.

Teacher reading out to students in the library

Don't even get me going on teachers' salaries. This one really blows my mind because these are the people that educate and shape our kid's futures and to me have one of the most important roles in any community yet they are one of the lowest pay jobs out there. If lottery money is supposed to go to schools, why isn't more of that money going to teachers so we have the best of the best teaching our children? That is one of the biggest investments a community can make that will pay dividends in the future.

One Michigan City is Giving its Police Officers a $10,000 Raise

Detroit skyline
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Nice job city of Detroit! There is no doubt that parts of Detroit are some of the most dangerous parts of the United States and even around the world.

Police crime scene
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According to FOX 17, Detroit Police salaries will increase by at least $10,000 effective immediately. Detroit Police Chief James White said, "I am so excited for our officers and their families and could not be more appreciative to the city council for their investment in our police officers."

That is exciting news for the city of Detroit. Hopefully, that excitement will move to West Michigan communities and our officers can see an increase in their wages and a reason to attract others to want to work in law enforcement.

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