A sheriff deputy near M-37 had a wild ride in Kent County Monday after a routine traffic stop turned into a pursuit with shots being fired at law enforcement from the suspect.

The area between Sparta and Walker on M-37 is a pretty rural area but there are some houses and a few businesses along the way and the last thing anyone expected was a police chase with shots being fired from a suspect.

According to FOX 17, a police chase ended with the suspect crashing in a ditch on westbound I-96 near the Walker exit. Sheriff deputies were able to apprehend the suspect without having to fire their weapons.

That was definitely a wild ride for deputies and the suspect. It is unclear when the actual shots took place from the suspect but deputies did not retaliate with returned fire because of the amount of pedestrians that were in the area at the time.

FOX 17 was also able to confirm with Muskegon Heights Police Department that the suspect was part of an ongoing homicide investigation involving a totally separate incident.

The suspect is alleged to have shot at deputies three times, thankfully not hitting anyone, but one bullet is said to have hit one of the patrol vehicles.

It is amazing what the men and women in law enforcement can go through in just a split second. Thank goodness that the deputies involved in this situation reacted appropriately by assessing the situation and bringing it to a close without injury to any officers, bystanders or the suspect.

What caught the officer's attention was a vehicle that was driving dangerously the wrong way on M-37. When trying to do a basic traffic stop, the suspect put the pedal to the metal and tried to get away.

Deputies are still investigating the case and have yet to release the suspect's name. Odds are they are actively communicating with the Muskegon Heights Police Department putting the complete story together.

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