If you are a skateboarder and live in or near Muskegon, you may have a new place to test your skills in Muskegon.

According to MLive, the city of Muskegon are putting plans in place to build a 15,000 square foot skate park. The city has a tentative location but still needs to raise funds to pay for the project.

The $2,000 the city needed for the survey is now covered. The city is looking at putting the park in the Nelson Neighborhood that runs along Ninth Street, Muskegon Avenue, Shoreline Drive and Webster Avenue.

In order for the project to become a done deal, the city needs to raise $500,000 to hire someone to build the park.

As the survey will be taking place, others in the city are developing a design process while others try and figure out how to raise the additional funds needed to complete the project.

If the funds are raised and the city moves forward with the project, they hope build a low maintenance, low cost facility with enough flat concrete and bowls to make skateboarding fun for all levels of boarders.

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