ickolas Galiatsatos, who owns Philadelphia-area pizza shop Nina’s Bella Pizzeria, wanted a leg up on his local competitors so he decided it would be a good time for some good ole' fashion SABOTAGE!!! Yup, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer he planted mice in their restaurants!

Galiatsatos was discovered when Fanis Facas of nearby Verona’s Pizza spotted him entering into Verona’s restroom with a package — then exiting without it.

Suspicious, Facas checked out the bathroom and found the package in the drop ceiling above the stall.  Thinking it could be drugs, he turned the contraband over to two police officers who happened to be enjoying a slice in his shop... a change from the normal doughnuts...

Not only did the cops discover there were actually live mice in the package, but when they walked outside to find Galiatastos they spotted him next to another pizzeria where he had just deposited another freaking mice pack!!

For his “food terrorism” Galiatastos was arrested and faces charges of disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, harassment and animal cruelty.

What an ass?  What happened to hard work... this douche must really be worried about his pizza biz.