Well the votes are in for West Michigan’s Favorite BBQ and the competition was HOT. We had over 10,000 votes on the top ten spots for BBQ. After all of that,

CONGRATS to Pig's Head BBQ in Gobles, winner of "West Michigan’s Favorite BBQ".

From what we gather by the folks that nominated them and the google reviews, Pig's Head has a very friendly staff, a great selection, and amazing food.

Here’s a few of the reviews from the nominations:

"James prepares delicious food, and he truly cares about his customers. He tries to set up every Sunday in his hometown, and he often asks his Facebook followers for suggestions or votes for rotating selections. He appreciates every customer, knows the regulars by name, takes time to explain his menu options and sauces to first-timers, and serves up food for hours with a smile and kind words. Even if his food was bad, I would go back just to support him. Since his food is outstanding, I make a point to go every Sunday."

"The best barbeque I have ever had, with small town personal service. The food is so painstakingly prepared that they can only serve once a week. Lines are regularly an hour long and well worth the wait."

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