I would think big waves on Lake Michigan and cold air would make the beaches along the coast empty, but not so for photographers.

It was a windy weekend in West Michigan and with the wind a few flurries happened in some areas of the region. I wouldn't normally think, "Hey, let's load up the truck and go to the beach."

According to WOOD, crashing winds and waves slapping Grand Haven's south pier had families showing up in droves to get a look at the action.

WOOD spoke with photographer Michael Breen who said, "I come out to the lakeshore to take photographs quite a bit. Pretty much here, Muskegon, anywhere along the lakeshore."

I have been on the lakeshore many times and just looking out into to Lake Michigan can be very relaxing and can take my mind off of other things for a moment

From sunup to sunset many families enjoy the beach even when most people would never think of going.

Because of the high winds there was some flooding at Grand Haven's south pier. A lot of sand wound up getting pushed over the sidewalk. Some sand was pushed all the way out to the parking lot. Mother nature sure is a force.

Although the waves crashing on the beach offer photographers great opportunities to get great photos, there still is an erosion problem on Lake Michigan's shoreline and I'm sure this weekend wasn't any help to those living along the lakeshore.

One good thing for photographers who visit the beach under these conditions, you can visit every day and get different photos than you did the day before. Mother nature puts on quite the show and rarely uses the same brush stroke twice.

Just remember when visiting Lake Michigan's beaches this time of year, stay off the piers which are very dangerous in high winds and waves and the lake can be very unforgiving for those who don't visit her with respect.

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