Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about how much they hate everyone else on the road, and then discuss the news story about the potential housing dilemma that Michigan faces.

Everyone has that saying that people from [bordering state] are the WORST drivers in the world. But the guys have found that pretty much EVERYONE is a crappy driver. It doesn't matter what state you're from, you're not driving fast enough, you're hogging the left lane, or you're just dumb. I'm paraphrasing.

Then, there's news that Michigan housing is growing fast enough to accommodate all the people looking to move to the state. It's growing, but people are moving here so fast, and not finding affordable housing, and then they're leaving. For the state to grow, housing needs to be available for people to come here.

And should Free Beer have learned French, or sign language? So he can mangle another language in addition to English?

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