Folks Up North are getting "zuked"!

Apparently someone with a green thumb is sneaking their "stash" onto the porches of unsuspecting residents in Grand Traverse County.

Grand Traverse Central Dispatch shared a warning on Facebook saying they've had several reports of "suspicious items" being left on porches... like half a dozen zucchini, or even grocery bags full, bursting at the seams!

The nerve! Can you imagine finding something so appalling as fresh veggies at your doorstep?!

Well, Grand Traverse 911 suggests that instead of calling law enforcement, recipients should "question any neighborhood gardeners, friends, or family members with a green thumb and dirt under their nails" and also "bake as much bread as possible".

They even warn that some culprits are escalating by tossing in fresh green beans too! And they "expect tomatoes to follow in the next couple weeks."

My goodness! Sounds like they've got a real free produce problem going on up there in Grand Traverse County!

It's confusing because it's not even "National Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day". If you're thinking "Wait, is that a real thing?" Yes! According to "A Healthier Michigan" it occurs each year on August 8th...Oh wait...This post about the mysterious zukes in Grand Traverse County is from a few days ago... Oh. My. Word. Did I just crack the case?!

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