This is a great story about why sometimes when you want to make things better in your community, you have to be the example by leading the charge in making change happen.

I came across this Facebook post from VicShonda Chantè Newbern who lives in Benton Harbor and wasn't happy with how much trash there was around the community and in the street,

I’ve been complaining about trash being on the streets for a while and I said to myself you have to do something about this. So with the help of my great friend Nyce we hit the streets in the hot sun. 8 bags in total today and this is only the beginning. Please keep your trash with you until you are near a trash can because our city is not your personal dumping ground. Take pride in where you live and keep the streets clean. #JoinUs

She wasn't wrong in being aggravated with the amount of trash she was seeing in the street, after all, she and her friend picked up 8 BAGS of trash!  That's amazing and I love that she also says it's just the beginning as she plans to keep helping clean up her neighborhood and encourages others to also join in the cleanup process.

I've definitely noticed through the pandemic, people have gotten really lazy when it comes to throwing trash away and keeping it out of the street, especially with used face masks. VicShonda has a great point at the end of her post, "our city is not your personal dumping ground."

VicShonda's lead to clean up what bothers her has inspired me to look around and see what I help fix/change in my world that I've previously been complaining about, hoping someone else will come along and take care of it.

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