Apparently reading street signs is really hard for some Grand Rapids' drivers.

Fox 17 shared a video of the Pearl Street Bridge construction that went down in July 2015, and it's a complete cluster.

It starts off with the “Road Closed to Thru Traffic” sign and then shows tons of drivers blowing right by it... even when there is a gaping hole in the middle of the road directly ahead.

Do you see your car anywhere in the vid?

Grand Rapidian YouTuber DealerCamel posted the video August 9, sharing,

In July of 2015, the Pearl Street Bridge in Grand Rapids, Michigan closed down for some pretty heavy construction, rendering it completely impassable. This fact was sadly lost on most residents and visitors, despite the sign in front of the construction cheerfully proclaiming "road closed to thru traffic" (and the smoking hole in the ground that the bridge later became). This video is a documentary of those unable to read the sign and zooming past it, only to meekly turn tail and find another way around. Natives, tourists, taxis, emergency vehicles - none were exempt."