Reds, oranges, and yellows are sweeping from the Upper Peninsula into Northern Lower Michigan, but we are still a few of weeks away from peak colors here in West Michigan.

Every week, Pure Michigan posts the current fall colors conditions and predictions from around the state.  Right now, colors are peaking across the Upper Peninsula and starting to get closer to peak in portions of Northern Lower Michigan.  Over the next 1-2 weeks, most of Northern and Mid-Michigan will be reaching peak colors, but we are still about 1-4 weeks away from peak colors in West Michigan, depending on where you're looking.

Along the coast, you can expect the peak colors to appear sometime in the middle of October and last through the end of the month.  Areas at higher elevations will experience the change sooner and quicker due to lower temperatures, and lower elevations will have slower and later changes.

Pure Michigan estimates that the "Silver Lake Sand Dunes, South Haven and Standwood are currently displaying 26-50 percent color transformation, with expectations of peak conditions to be one or two weeks away."

Pure Michigan offers color change updates throughout the season and has suggestions for places to visit, restaurants to check out, and breweries and bars to stop in while you are checking out the colors across the state.

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