The influential PC puzzle game, Myst, is going to be getting a TV or digital series of its own.

Variety reports that Legendary Pictures has closed a deal with Cyan Worlds to make a series based on the 1993 PC classic, Myst. The game originally put you in the shoes of the Stranger, who would use a special book to travel to the magical and mysterious island of Myst. At the island, you would have to solve puzzles and use other special books written by the artisan/explorer Atrus to travel to other worlds, called Ages. You would find clues in the various Ages that would reveal the backstories of the other characters on Myst.

The game's original creators, Rand and Robyn Miller, will be involved with the adaptation, along with their studio, Cyan Worlds. The Millers intend to have a companion video game/app to expand the plot points of the series. As of late, Cyan Worlds has been working on its upcoming game, Obduction.

Legendary Pictures is also doing films based on the Dead Rising, Warcraft and Mass Effect franchises.

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