Make sure you stop if you see a school bus stopped picking up kids, there is a new bill that if passed, the fines will be even higher.

According to WZZM, lawmakers in Michigan want stricter penalties for drivers who pass school buses who are picking up or dropping off kids.

Representative Kevin Hertel of St. Clair Shores told WZZM-13, "Where I drop my son off every day at daycare, there's a school bus pick up there, and I have seen cars blow by the stop signs and flashing red lights on a bus."

The new bill would increase the minimum $100 fine for a first time offender to $250 and if you get caught doing it again the fine would be $500 to $1,000.

Also included in the bill is more power for the Secretary of State to suspending driver's licenses for repeat offenders for a year.

The bill will be taken to the committee chair before they have a vote on it.

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