That's hot.

Apparently Paris Hilton has been enjoying some vacation time in Northern Michigan.

The heiress, model, singer, actress, and OG "influencer" has shared photos of she and her boyfriend, author Carter Milliken Reum, living that #LakeLife in Traverse City.

Hilton and Reum are wearing M-22 hats, the scenic highway that runs along the Lake Michigan shore.

Looks the pair even got in some waterskiing, err, I mean "WaterSliving", as Hilton referred to it online... ("Sliving" is another one of her catchphrases, which I think is supposed to be some sort of combo of slaying and living?)

Hilton isn't the only celeb deciding to go all #PureMichigan-- Justin Bieber was also recently spotted at a campground on Lake Erie in the SE part of the state, right off I-75.

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