Kids and their parents don't always see eye to eye.  And by don't always see eye to eye, we mean that they argue constantly.

It could be an argument about doing chores, eating healthy, or just arguing for arguing sake.  These little fights happen a lot but we never knew exactly how much arguing was happening.

But, now we have a little bit of science that tells us exactly how much parents and their children argue.  According to a recent survey conducted in Britain, parents argue an average of 2,184 times with their kids throughout the year.  That means they fight 182 times a month, 42 times a week, and 6 times each day.  The survey also determined that the average argument between parents and children lasts about 8 minutes.

Here's how that breaks down:

  • 48 Minutes of arguing a day
  • 5.6 Hours of arguing a week
  • Almost a day of arguing a month
  • Over 48 days of arguing a year

Here are the top 10 reasons why families get into arguments:

  1. Children not eating everything on their plate
  2. Untidy bedrooms
  3. Children saying they are hungry but not wanting to eat anything healthy
  4. Children complaining they are full after barely touching their food
  5. Siblings fighting with each other
  6. Children eating sweets or chocolate before a meal
  7. Children trying to delay bedtime, or not going to sleep
  8. Homework
  9. Children wanting to go on gadgets more often than they are allowed
  10. Children not brushing their teeth at all/ for long enough

Do you think that you fight with your kids this often?

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