UPDATE: Papa Roach have now unveiled the video for "Swerve," featuring special guests Jason Aalon Butler of Fever 333 and Sueco. “This track came at the very end of the writing process for our upcoming album and truly feels like the culmination of years of experimenting with our sound coming back to a new version of Papa Roach,” shares Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix. “Filming this music video with Jason and Sueco was one of the most fun experiences we’ve had and I am so excited to share it with the world.” See the video toward the bottom of this post.

Papa Roach take a new sonic road, bringing Fever 333 and rapper Sueco the Child along for the ride on the Jacoby Shaddix-led band's bombastic new song "Swerve." It emerged on Sunday (Aug. 1).

The three-way collaboration, which premiered on BBC Radio 1's Rock Show With Daniel P. Carter, serves as a taste of Papa Roach's upcoming 11th studio album. In March, Papa Roach bassist Tobin Esperance revealed that the Who Do You Trust? follow-up was then "being mixed and there's some final touches [being done]. … The full album will be released maybe next year, but we'll be dropping some new songs this year."

One of those is "Swerve," featuring the vocal contributions of Fever 333's energetic Jason Aalon Butler throughout, plus one verse from Sueco, the Los Angeles-based rapper who first rose to prominence on TikTok. The bouncy, braggadocious tune sounds perhaps unlike anything the Roach have released, though they've already adopted a somewhat new vibe, as evidenced on "Domination" and elsewhere.

Earlier this year, Esperance shared how Papa Roach "had the most fun” making their forthcoming album, “right up there with making our first record and kind of like making Crooked Teeth. That's what I'd compare this body of work to. … We're still going into the studio and writing and making more songs. It's like what else is there to do but to stay creative to stay sane."

Listen to "Swerve" and read the lyrics below.

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Papa Roach Feat. Fever 333 + Sueco, "Swerve"

Papa Roach Feat. Fever 333 + Sueco, "Swerve" Lyrics

[Jason Aalon Butler]
Bitch don’t play with us
We far too dangerous
End up with a noose around your neck
Tryna hang with us
Better give up or we’ll take you down
Watch the crown
Get us started then it’s over BLAU!
Make a statement, say it loud
Fuck the game and then take a bow

[Jacoby Shaddix]
That’s right, got you running for your life
Got you praying on your knees
That you make it through the night
Yeah you stepping in the wrong place
At the wrong time,
Walking right into the knife,
Are you stupid are you blind?

[Jacoby Shaddix]
(Hey!) Am I talking to you clearly?
(Ho!) Cause I don’t think you hear me

We see it how we call it (don’t swerve in my lane)
Motherfuckers going all in (don’t swerve in my lane)
So you better be cautious (don’t swerve in my lane)
I will never hesitate if you swerve in my lane

[Jacoby Shaddix]
It’s like you need the hype
All that bullshit in ya life
Got you talking evil-like
You know you can’t pay the price
Why you even trying to control me
Posing like a trophy,
We’re not affiliated in any way
You don’t know me

X on my chest mark the spot I’m a target
I’m not from this earth ET I’m a martian
Fuck with my money put his face on milk cartons
Welcome to the jungle she my Jane and I’m Tarzan (ay)
Sub-zero finish him Mortal Kombat
Skirt off in a beamer, I’ma leave him like a mile back
My brother made a box from a dime bag
Now we eating good (hey), pockets playing lineback

[Jason Aalon Butler]
So back up,
Or it’s bang bang bang
Get smacked up,
If you ain’t gang, gang, gang

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