Papa Roach recently reacted to a new pop music cover version of their 2000 nu-metal hit "Last Resort."

The cover is performed by pop singer Emma Zander. It appears in the soundtrack of the new sci-fi dramedy movie I'm Totally Fine, which came out on Nov. 4.

Zander's "Last Resort" takes the guitar-fueled Papa Roach original and turns it into a slow-burning pop number with lots of synthesizer sounds — but no guitar.

Listen to the cover near the bottom of this post.

How did Papa Roach react? "Ya fuckin nailed it!" the Jacoby Shaddix-led rock band said in a comment on Zander's Instagram post about the cover. "Love your version of it," they added.

Zander replied to the group, "aah thank you so much!!Have loved this song forever & honored to sing it"

Papa Roach Emma Zander comment
Instagram: @emmazander

Zander is also an actress, though she doesn't appear in I'm Totally Fine, led by Workaholics' Jillian Bell. In a press release, Zander said, "The mark of a great song is that it stands the test of time — and 'Last Resort' means as much to me today as when it first came out."

She added, "The idea of this iconic song from a woman's perspective is so badass to me. I dove deep into the emotion and lyrics and came out with a whole new appreciation for the rock anthem."

The enduring "Last Resort" — it debuted on Papa Roach's first album, 2000's Infest — has been covered many times, including by Papa Roach themselves in a 2021 version featuring TikTok star Jeris Johnson. "Last Resort" has also been re-made by non-traditional performers, including animals and a Walmart customer.

Over 20 years ago, the original "Last Resort" hit No. 1 on Billboard's Alternative Airplay chart, No. 4 on Mainstream Rock and No. 57 on the Hot 100.

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