If you are looking for a great beach, a place to hike, walk your dog, picnic or do some camping, you don't have to drive 2000 miles to enjoy all the above.

P.J. Hoffmaster Park is located in the south side of Muskegon, just north of Grand Haven and really offers everything you need in a great park.

I took my son to the beach at Hoffmaster yesterday and instead of just walking straight out to the beach from the parking area, we decided to take a nice walk on a trail through the woods to land just north of the main beach.

When you first get to the hill over looking the beach, there are areas that would be great for hanging a hammock, catching a breeze with an awesome view of Lake Michigan. There was an amazing view of sail boats, pontoons and speed boats with all that blue Lake Michigan water.

Even though the water is higher this season, there is still plenty of room to set up your spot along the beach to enjoy the water and the sunshine.

Normally when I visit Hoffmaster, I usually just go to the beach, but this time I decided to see what else was in the park and boy are there a lot of nice options.

One thing I noticed was all the places you could set up to a have a family picnic. There were numerous locations throughout the entire park to set up some pretty good family events.

Plenty of sand dunes to climb, a great overlook for viewing the lake and tons of great trails for hiking, biking and just walking through nature. If you like to camp, they can help you with that too so you might want to check their website to set up your reservations.

If you are looking for a nice place to enjoy some summer at Lake Michigan, you may want to give ol' P.J. Hoffmaster Park a visit...I know I'll be going back again and again.

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