The parents of a suspected high school shooter are facing charges in the tragic incident, but at this time, law enforcement doesn't know where they are.

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The alleged shooter's parents were charged around noon with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. As of 3pm neither authorities nor their lawyers have been able to ascertain their whereabouts. At that point police issued a 'be on the lookout' alert for law enforcement agencies throughout the state, and midwest.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard says that the department is working with the FBI & US Marshalls in the search, and made a statement to the general public imploring them to alert authorities if they know the whereabouts of James and Jennifer Crumbley:

If they know where they are, or they see them, please call 9-1-1. Don’t approach them. Intuitively, I don’t think that they’d be dangerous to the public, but I wouldn’t take that for granted, and we’re going to find them. If the public could help, that’d be great.

📷 Oakland County
📷 Oakland County

He also said that there's also a possibility the couple may be fleeing Michigan:

Given that their attorney said that they would handle this if charges were issued, and now they’re not responding to the certainly is indicative of their intent to flee, which is certainly something we plan to stop very short."

The couple may be driving a black 2021 Kia Seltos SUV with the Michigan license plate number DQG 5203.

According to prosecutors the parents likely purchased the firearm used in the shooting as a gift, and also refused the school's advice to remove their student from school the morning of the shooting after school authorities became concerned about violent drawings from the alleged shooter.

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