Overkill have finished up the recording of their to-be-titled follow-up LP to last year's The Grinding Wheel according to D.D. Verni. The bassist announced the news of the New York thrash legends 19th album in an interview with Eddie Trunk yesterday (Oct. 10).

"We actually just finished mixing the new record — just buttoned it up two days ago," Verni says. "I just got the final sequencing and all that, so that's all buttoned up. We're working on the cover now. We still don't have a title — we're gonna have to come up with that soon — but we have a lot of things floating around. And the new release will probably be in February. The first week of March we're on tour back in Europe, and then we're back here in the States; we're working on the States tour right now. So that'll come out [at the] end of February next year, and then we'll be off and running; there'll be a lot of Overkill touring — festival season in the States, in Europe, back and forth, all over. The usual routine...try to hit everywhere."

Tomorrow (Oct. 12) will see the release of Verni's debut solo album, Barricade. He enlisted a variety of established guitar players to perform guest spots, including Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, ex-Nevermore), Angus Clark (Trans Siberian Orchestra), Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Bruce Franklin (Trouble), Mike Romeo (Symphony X), Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob), Steve Leonard (Almost Queen) and Andre "Virus" Karkos (Dope).

"There's some metal, punk, and classic rock...it's all in there, from Queen to Green Day to Metallica," Verni said recently. "I think we covered all the bases."

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