Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about a few coworkers who unintentionally said mean things, while trying to be funny, or just not understanding what the topic was. And the guys are watching all the action as people try to get to the Secretary of State on the last days, and the SOS had computers go down. Everyone is screwed.

Apparently, one of the staff was laughing about the guys and their conversation about the "fat bike race" coming to town. This person thought is was fat people riding bikes, and not bikes with fat tires.


Then, someone else was recounting the bit where Hot Wings used a picture of Lebron to describe Joe to a listener who'd never seen him. They said to Joe, "Oh my God, when that lady wanted you guys to describe you to her, and you were doing it...that was so funny! Why didn't she just look you up, so she can see how you really look, instead of believing you're attractive?"

Did she mean it the way it was said? The guys think it might be completely unintentional.

Our staff can be really mean without even thinking about it. Comes with the job, I guess.

Also, today has been a bad day for people who waiting until the end of the month for renewing their license or plates, since the SOS went down today. Making the trip to the SOS office became a trip of misery for many today.

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