America's past time for kids involved in Little League Baseball in Georgetown Township has had a major set back...someone has been arrested for stealing funds from the league.

According to WOOD, former league board member, Victoria Elizabeth Hillard from Jenison, has been charged with stealing somewhere between 20K and 50K from the local baseball league.

40-year-old Hillard has been accused of with drawing money for the Georgetown Little League account during the off season. The lawyer representing the league says Hillard took money between November 23, 2016 through April 17, 2017.

Hillard no longer works for the league and now a committee is working with an attorney on getting the money returned. Plus the committee is also looking at ways to limit who has access to the league account.

Hillard is looking and 10 years in prison and may have to pay three times the amount of money back that she allegedly stole from the league.

The Georgetown Little League has hired an attorney to sue Hillard for the return of the funds.

Here is a direct quote for the Georgetown Little League:

"The GLL Board takes this matter very seriously. It is certainly disappointing the GLL resources were stolen by a trusted Board member, who many of us consider a longtime friend. As stewards of GLL resources, the GLL Board takes its fiduciary duties very seriously - and these duties extend to holding people responsible for their actions. We also view this as a teachable moment for our community. There are consequences for misconduct, but there is also room for grace, mercy and forgiveness. If and when a sentence is handed down by the Judge assigned to this matter, the GLL Board looks forward to a process that it views as a step towards reconciliation."

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