A few months ago, Grand Rapids native-born boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. announced that  he had nothing left to accomplish, and was retiring. Maybe he's going to work on his not-being-an-asshatness, or some of his other problems, now. But before he hits the road, Oscar De La Hoya took one more shot at Floyd, with an open letter to Mayweather in Playboy.

In this letter, Oscar calls Floyd "boring", and "afraid to take chances". Which is totally true.

I saw Floyd early in his career, when he was an active fighter, landing a ridiculous amount of punches because he is super fast. I also saw several of his later fights, where he basically took guys twelve rounds who shouldn't have lasted three. Lots of dodging around, dancing, and light taps from Floyd, to "keep things entertaining" for boxing fans.


Not only are you a mess and a jerk in real life, you have no idea what makes an exciting fight in the ring. Look at the end of Roy Jones, Jr.'s career. He did the same thing, taking chumps the distance instead of showing his dominance in the ring.

Floyd refused to take chances, only fighting the people everyone wanted him to fight after they'd passed their prime and were no longer dangerous.

Oscar attacked every part of Floyd's game, including his obnoxious mouth:

Boxing will also be a better place without the Mouth. Your mouth, to be precise, the one that created “Money” Mayweather. I know you needed that Money Mayweather persona. Before he—and Golden Boy -Promotions—came along, nobody watched your fights. You couldn’t even sell out your hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Mouth made you money. More money than you could spend in a lifetime. (Wait, I’ve seen those episodes of 24/7. You probably will spend it all.) But the Mouth doesn’t have a place in boxing; save it for the WWE. Unless you’re someone like Ali, whose fights were as scintillating as his banter, the all-talk, no-entertainment model cheapens our sport. Boxers should speak with their fists and with their hearts. They don’t have to say anything to prove themselves. You’re going to have a legacy. You’ll be remembered as the guy who made the most money. As for your fights? We’ve already forgotten them.

via Playboy.com

Floyd could talk a big game, but couldn't wouldn't back things up with an exciting show. He'd dance around, letting outclassed fighters think they were doing well, while Floyd did the bare minimum to get through and get the victory.

Oscar goes on to name a bunch of fighters who are better for the sport than Mayweather ever was, like Gennady Golovkin, Román González, Canelo, Miguel Cotto, and more.

Will anyone remember any of Mayweather's fights? Only if he actually takes on Ronda Rousey, and only because it will be Ronda in the ring, not because of anything Floyd will do in or out of the ring.

Oscar did have some positive advice for Floyd, though, something he thinks Floyd would be quite natural at:

You’re moving on to a new phase of life now, a second act. I’m sure it will be nice not to have to train year-round. To get out of the gym and spend time with your family. But I’m wondering what you’re going to do. You have a lot of time and, at the moment, a lot of money. Maybe you’ll put your true skills to work and open a used-car dealership or run a circus. Or maybe you’ll wind up back on Dancing With the Stars. It’s a job that’s safe, pays well and lets you run around on stage. Something you’ve been doing for most of your career.

via Playboy.com

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