The Who's Pete Townshend sang a song called "Give Blood" and it couldn't ring any truer than today. The Red Cross says they only have a 3-day supply of blood left.

According to WZZM, between an usually difficult Fourth of July week and the lack of blood donors during the summer months, blood is getting scarce for most blood types. Combine that with fewer blood drives across the state we are in a blood emergency.

Most blood types are down to a 3 day supply for type O its down to a 2 day supply. According to the Red Cross, in order to stay prepared for larger situations the region needs at least a 5 day supply of blood.

Type O blood is highly sought after but donors of all type's are needed to please an appointment at your earliest convenience by calling 1.800.733.2767, at or the Blood Donor App. To save time on the donation time complete the online RapidPass health history questionnaire.

Click Here for a list of donation locations in your area.

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