Okay, I'm not the gamer that Ned is, but then again, who is, right? But there are some games I loved, and played the hell out of. For quite a while, I was obsessed with Descent, and played it relentlessly until someone stole my joystick. (Not a euphemism.)

I even remember the intro video where the stereotype Hispanic pilot asked, "Cood sahmbuddy 'splain to me"...I laughed at it every time.

This guy Eric Peterson (not the guitarist in Testament) just left a company that has a hugely successful Kickstarter for a game called Star Citizen, to start his own company, Descent Studios, to bring back Descent! It's called Descent: Underground, and it looks freaking amazing!

I loved the fact that you're flying in zero gravity, and you have to use your ability to fly and maneuver in every direction to be able to play the game, and win. Think of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, and their battle in the...okay, now I've gone past the geek barrier, haven't I?

Sorry. Just think more directions.

Check out the video above, where you can see gameplay from the original game, some of the later releases, and what the new game looks like! Then, go support them on Kickstarter!

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