The million dollar question, once a person gets vaccinated, is it possible for them to spread COVID-19?

Normally when vaccines come out, there is a much longer trial period before they get released and used on the public. Having a pandemic has created an urgency to get vaccines at a quicker rate with limited trials in order to get them in the arms of citizens.

There are still lots of unknown's, and by all means I am not saying this to scare you but it is a fact. Although there is lots of good news with the vaccines that have been created do to the fact that so many scientists have been analyzing and studying coronavirus's for many years so a lot of research had already been done before this pandemic even started. That research gave labs around the world a lot of information that went into creating these vaccinations.

That being said, there still are some unknowns about the vaccinations, like, even if you are vaccinated, is it possible to spread the coronavirus unknowingly? According to WOOD, experts say the risk is low but scientists are still studying the results.

It's nice to know that most of my co-workers either have gotten their vaccine or are about to. I get mine Saturday and I have to say, this is the first time in my entire life that I looked forward to getting a shot.

I signed up through Meijer in Big Rapids, Michigan. I chose that location because I being the over thinker that I am, researched all the vaccines thoroughly and decided I wanted to get the Moderna vaccine. I am sure all of the other vaccines are good but its my body and I decide what goes in it and went with Moderna.

All of the vaccines out there are highly successful and keeping people from getting seriously sick from the coronavirus and that is one giant step in this pandemic.

Scientists believe the vaccine will keep people from spreading the virus even if they catch it and show know symptoms.

WOOD reported that University of Maryland School of Medicine virus expert Dr. Robert Gallo said, "a vaccinated person control the virus better, so the chances of transmitting will be greatly reduced.

So in a nutshell, getting a vaccine is much better for you, the people you're closest to along with your neighbors and fellow citizens. That my friend is good thing that getting things turned around for us as humans and as a society.  So get your vaccination as soon as you can.

Even though you get vaccinated, until the scientists know more, continue to wear masks, social distance, wash hands and stay out of large crowds and hopefully by this time next year this will all be behind us.

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