Former Detroit Lions legendary running back Barry Sanders will be honored by Oklahoma State.

There are so just so many great things to say about the amazing Barry Sanders. A Heisman trophy winner, a stellar college career at Oklahoma State, and all those amazing runs he made, most of the time out of nothing, for the Detroit Lions. Sanders has always been my personal favorite player of all time. I always wished the Lions would have had a good enough team around Sanders so he could have played in a Super Bowl. Yes I know, the Lions and Super Bowl in the same sentence...whatever.

I'm surprised it has taken so long for Oklahoma State to bestow honors to a Heisman Trophy winner after the stellar career he had there and with the Lions but I guess, better late than never.

According to FOX 17, the Hall of Fame running back is getting his name and jersey number added to Oklahoma State's Ring of Honor. There will be a Barry Sanders statue built and placed on the campus of the school.

Sanders is such a class act and a humble guy, I really can't think of another more deserving player to get such honors although you would have thought Oklahoma State would have done this in 1991 vs 2021. But then again this honor is very exclusive since he is only the second player to join the Ring of Honor along with Thurman Thomas.

Barry Sanders number 21 jersey happens to be only one of four numbers that will be retired and not worn by any of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The school produces a lot of NFL players but they are very picky on who they decide to honor on their campus.

I'm sure Sanders will handle these honors with the same class he has shown his entire career.

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