If you live in the old farm house and get the occasional bat in the house or you spend a lot of time outdoors in any area, beware of Michigan bats and if bitten seek treatment immediately.

According to WZZM, Michigan officials in Lansing are reporting higher numbers of bats that are infected with rabies.

Lab tests from the Department of Health and Human Services have found 22 bats with rabies already this year. Last year at this time lab test only found 9 bats with rabies.

Although skunks are not know to bite people, they will, but usually people run from a skunk, but still two skunks have been tested to have rabies.

Bats and skunks are the most common carries of rabies in the state of Michigan. Rabies can be contacted from a bite or a scratch from an infected animal.

The list of cases in Michigan  for 2017 shows that 35 bats, two skunks and one cat were found with rabies. Although that doesn't seem like large numbers, but those are just from the animals tested. There are thousands of each that contain the virus.

Officials say avoid contact with wild animals that appear to be sick. Also be on the look out for bats in the warmer temperatures as they search for food.

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