There is an active shooting going on right now in Kalamazoo where one officer has been shot.

According to WOOD, police are currently responding to a shooting situation that has developed in Kalamazoo's downtown area.

Good news for the police officer that was shot, he was wearing a bullet proof vest so the vest protected him and he is going to be OK. The officer was hit by multiple rounds but thanks to his vest, it stopped all the bullets from penetrating.

Police say the area where the shooting has taken place is located near Kalamazoo Avenue and North Burdick Street in the heart of Kalamazoo. There is no word on the cause of the shooting or if any additional people have been injured.

Police have shut down Kalamazoo Avenue temporarily until they get the shooting details worked out. Police are all over in the area of Shakespeare's Pub and ask that you stay away from that area until it is cleared.

Authorities are still working the shooting so no other information has been provided at this time other than police requesting that people avoid the area and stay inside until this shooter has been apprehended.

Be safe Kalamazoo.

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